Musicians coming together to combat covid-19 using God’s instrument…

The Horn



Gail Williams, Northwestern University

Tod Bowermaster, Third Horn, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

William Caballero, Principal Horn, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Richard Deane, Acting Principal Horn, New York Philharmonic

James Ferree, Principal Horn, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra

Michael Gast, Principal Horn, The Minnesota Orchestra

Emma Gregan, Tutti Horn, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Australia

Douglas Hall, Fourth Horn, The San Diego Symphony

David Heyde, Acting Principal Horn, The Dallas Symphony

Thomas Jöstlein, Associate Principal Horn, The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

Robert Johnson, Associate Principal Horn, The Houston Symphony

Jeffrey Lang, Associate Principal Horn, The Philadelphia Orchestra.

Jennifer Montone, Principal Horn, The Philadelphia Orchestra

Kristy Morrell, Second Horn, The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Jaclyn Rainey, Principal Horn, Atlanta Symphony

Erik Ralske, Principal Horn, The Metropolitan Opera

Jonathan Ring, Second Horn, San Francisco Symphony

Peter Rubins, Second Horn, The San Antonio Symphony

Ellen Dinwiddie Smith, Third Horn, The Minnesota Orchestra

Scott Strong, Third Horn, The Detroit Symphony

Richard Todd, Hollywood Recording Artist, University of Miami

Robert Ward, Principal Horn, San Francisco Symphony

Froydis Ree Wekre, Co-Principal Horn, The Oslo Philharmonic, Retired

Matthew Wilson, Second Horn, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra

Julie Thayer, Fourth Horn, The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

Robert Lauver, Second Horn, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Mark Houghton, Third Horn, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Jeffrey Powers, Principal Horn, Waco Symphony

Brad Gemeinhardt, The Metropolitan Opera

Elizabeth Freimuth, Principal Horn, Cincinnati Symphony

Michael Winter, Third Horn, The Boston Symphony

Austin Larson, Third Horn, Baltimore Symphony

Claude Lumley, The US Air Force Band of the Mid-west

Javier Gándara, The Metropolitan Opera

Hugo Valverde, The Metropolitan Opera

Elyse Lauzon, Second Horn, San Diego Symphony

Kevin Winter, Third Horn, The Louisiana Philharmonic

Mollie Pate, Principal Horn, The Louisiana Philharmonic

Barbara Jöstlein Currie, The Metropolitan Opera

Leelanee Sterrett, Third Horn, The New York Philharmonic

Michelle Perry, International Horn Soloist and Chamber Musician

Ernesto Tovar, Fourth Horn, The Philadelphia Orchestra

Marshall Sealy, Broadway hornist, Jazz soloist

Anne Scharer, The Metropolitan Opera

Sue Baxendale, Principal Horn, The Orchestra of The Scottish Opera

Fergus McWilliam, Retired Third Horn, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Jacob Wiggins, The US Army’s “Pershing’s Own”

Adam Unsworth, Professor of Horn, The University of Michigan

And the list is growing…